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    John De Lorenzo had a dream to one day own his own business. After serving as a Captain under the command of General George S. Patton in World War II, he formulated a plan to realize that dream. When the war was over he went to work for a heat exchanger manufacturer. He worked his way up to the position of Chief Engineer in a short time, but he still had the dream of having his own company which would afford him the opportunity to put some of his own ideas into practice. 

-----Eventually, he located a small family owned machine shop in Clifton, NJ that was perfect. John then enlisted the aid of his brother Frank and together with two of the former owners of the machine shop, established Atlas Industrial Manufacturing Co.

-----At last, John now had the vehicle through which he could fully explore his creativity. With Frank overseeing the operating side of the business, John was free to implement some of the ideas he had for building a better more efficient heat exchanger. His forward thinking and practical methods for manufacturing resulted in his being awarded a patent for his work. As if that weren't enough, John also became a pioneer in the use of computerized technology for the engineering and design of heat exchangers. These two things set Atlas apart from the rest as a company with a vision.
today continues to be the embodiment of the vision John had 50 years ago. Brother Frank and John's son, Frank together with Ramsey Mahadeen, (Partner and Manager of Engineering) see to it that John's vision lives on. Atlas is still providing customized, creative solutions for each unique customer problem. It is our heritage and it is still our mission.



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