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The current Atlas facility is soon to be expanded to 40,000 square feet. The production department is headed by a Production Manager and Welding Operations Manager who each have over 25 years experience with Atlas. Atlas uses a leadman system which relies upon an initial self-inspection and close coordination with the QA Department to ensure the integrity and reliability of the equipment produced.
Atlas can manufacture heat exchangers up to 84 inches in diameter, 40 feet long and weighing 60,000 pounds. All operations utilized to build heat exchangers can be done in-house. Our CNC drilling and machining operations enable us to support the fabrication shop in a timely and cost effective manner. Atlas is constantly improving in-house capabilities and can handle tubesheets up to 8 inches thick and to 96 inches in diameter.

Welding is a fine art at Atlas. We perform welding operations including SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and SAW process. Each welder is qualified to ASME IX and every tube-to-tubesheet weld and welder is qualified to ASME Section VIII, Division 2. Our welding facilities allow us to produce heat exchangers in a controlled environment with shell thickness up to 1-1/2 inches.-In-house finishing operations enable us to hydraulically expand tubes to tubesheets, vacuum dry and test heat exchangers at close to vacuum pressure and grit blast and paint to customer requirements.

Atlas also maintains a separate warehouse facility which includes material processing equipment to complement and support the main fabrication facility. This facility houses a variety of finished goods such as tubing, plate, fittings and flanged and dished heads. In addition, this facility has the capability to form cones, cylinders, and heads. We can also perform tube bending, hydrotesting and stress relieving of the U-bends. This facility allows Atlas to meet fast track delivery requirements that can be crucial for our customer's operation.

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